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Switch Gear and Controls

Microprocessors and Generator Control Systems

A key area of expertise for the SIMMAXTM electrical division is the custom design of state-of-the-art microprocessors and control systems.  Microprocessors allow customers to monitor a variety of functions of each installation.  The sophistication of these monitors ranges from simplistic designs to highly technological systems that allow remote monitoring of generators via telephone lines to external computers.  The SIMMAXTM microprocessor adapts to a variety of generators and environments, making it an ideal product line in itself.  Each unit had expansion capabilities for up to 32 shutdowns or alarm circuits, and can be programmed to a customer’s specific requirements. Simson Maxwell’s design and manufacture of its own plant controller systems is a unique feature for a Canadian generator manufacturer and contributes significantly to our competitiveness and strong reputation for complete system integration.

SIMMAXTM Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Designed and manufactured by Simson Maxwell, the CSA & NRTL-approved ATS is widely accepted as a premium line of transfer switches.  Utilizing advanced engineering, the ATS ensures safe, reliable power transfer between primary and standby power systems and offers a wide range of models to custom suit the needs of any power source.